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ImageProduct NameAction
Body Fat Scale, Posture Extra LargeBody Fat Scale, Posture Extra Large
Vitafit Smart Body Fat Weight ScaleVitafit Smart Body Fat Weight Scale
Amazfit Digital Smart Scale for BodyAmazfit Digital Smart Scale for Body
WYZE Smart Scale for Body Weight,WYZE Smart Scale for Body Weight,
RENPHO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale,RENPHO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale,

Top 10 Bathroom Scale Wireless Reviews

Plenty of user reviews were available online, which we analyzed to find the best bathroom scale wireless. Hopefully, our expert suggestions available in this article will help you to find your best product.

Body Fat Scale, Posture Extra Large

Body Fat Scale, Posture Extra Large image
  • Super High Quality and Accuracy. Posture scale is equipped with 4 high precision G-shape sensors and 4 high sensitive electrodes, with advanced BIA technology to ensure your accurate readings with division at 0.2lb/100g, up to maximum capacity 400lb/180kg. With extra large display, low power / overload indication, step-on technology and 4xAAA batteries included.
  • Easily sync with Health Apps. Free download FITDAYS app from app store or Google play, and FITDAYS app can easily sync with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit and so on, which let you store and share your data more conveniently. Smart phones can bind and record all the changes automatically with this scale.
  • Essential Body Data. Posture smart scale not only shows weight but also BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, protein, BMR, body age etc., by electrical Bio-Impedance Measurement Technology. You can weigh yourself and check your body data anytime.
  • Keep Tracking Your Effort Easily. The Fitdays app provides detailed charts and saves historical data to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Its Athlete Mode also gives fitness persons a precision analysis of their body.
  • Unique Heart Rate and Body Shape Index Function. Posture adopts newest BIA smart chip to measure not only body fat, but also show the change of heart rate, heart index, knowing your body status in all aspects. To test your body shape to keep a good posture in daily life.

Vitafit Smart Body Fat Weight Scale

Vitafit Smart Body Fat Weight Scale image
  • AMAZING ACCURACY CHOICE – Benefiting from over 20years scale professional experience, we make the smart body fat scale with best-in-class technology and expertise, and proudly guarantee high accuracy not only for body weight at 0.1lb/0.05kg increment, but also for credible body composition data.
  • EASY SETUP AND PRIVACY – The smart bathroom scale is super convenient setup for your family and friends to create unlimited users, especially safe and friendly-user setup for pregnant and children mode for measuring only weight and BMI. All user data of Vitafit App are secured and stored in US and EU Cloud Server via AWS(Amazon Web Services). We protect your personal privacy by best-in-class standard.
  • 13 KEY BODY COMPOSITION – The wireless body analyzer only shows body weight on the scale, and the Vitafit App provides 13 key body composition measurements, including body fat, BMI, muscle, body water, protein, bone, BMR (basal metabolic rate), metabolic age, and more, so you can freely track your improvement and finetune your fitness goals beyond body weight only.
  • SYNC AND SHARE – The digital scale App is designed for friendly-user. Sync your data with popular fitness apps Apple Health, Google Fit to conveniently view your fitness graphs. Furthermore, easily share your progress on major social media platform.
  • BEYOND OUR SMART SCALES – Our scale factory was established in 2001. Our first-class quality and social management system has been certified by ISO and Social Accountability. All Vitafit products are supported by our US customer service center in the heartland state Missouri. Vitafit: Inspired by Life, for Better Life.

Amazfit Digital Smart Scale For Body

Amazfit Digital Smart Scale for Body image
  • HIGH MEASUREMENT ACCURACY: The Amazfit smart scale is equipped with a high-precision G-shaped sensor, sensitive enough to detect small changes in weight up to 50 grams. This means that the scale can show your weight change even if you only drink a glass of water. Unit conversions between kilogram and pound are available.
  • 16 KEY BODY HEALTH METRICS: Thanks to the high precision data processing chip, this smart scale monitors 16 body compositions to monitor overall physical condition including body weight, BMI, body fat, lean weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, protein, degree of visceral fat, BMI and metabolic age.
  • INTELLIGENT PHYSICAL HEALTH ANALYSIS: Amazfit digital bathroom scale provides standing heart rate detection and enables balance ability measurement in only 30s. It can also analyze your key body health indicators to provide you with an assessment of your body and health improvement tips.
  • WI-FI BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. All health data measured is synchronized more conveniently and efficiently to your mobile phone and the cloud for you to check anytime, anywhere.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY FUNCTIONS: This body weight scale supports 10 accounts with smart user recognition to facilitate use. Comes with multiple user-friendly functions including guest mode, zero-current pregnancy mode, and baby mode to serve your friends and families better.
  • EXCLUSIVE INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The 3.4” large display allows users to access up to eight key body health metrics at a glance. Attractive and colorful aurora gradient design with innovative hidden LCD display, giving the smart scale a more unified and elegant look.

Wyze Smart Scale For Body Weight,

WYZE Smart Scale for Body Weight, image
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Every time you open a Wyze box, we will do everything possible to make you say, just as they said on the day we launched our first product, “This is too good to be true.”
  • COMPLETE BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS – The WYZE body weight scale measures your weight, body fat %, lean body mass, water weight and 8 additional body composition metrics for a total of 12 essential metrics. Reach your goals with WYZE weighing scale.
  • TRACK YOUR HEART RATE – Most “Smart Scale” stop at weight and body fat % and don’t act as a heart rate monitor. WYZE smart digital scale tracks your heart rate, so you can see how intense that last workout was.
  • SYNCS WITH WYZE APP & OTHER FITNESS APPS – You can see your trends over time, anytime, anywhere, and make real progress with the WYZE app via Bluetooth. WYZE weight scales also syncs with other popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and more.
  • SHARE WITH UNLIMITED USERS – Real smart scales are smart enough to know who stepped on them. WYZE Scale can automatically recognize up to 8 users and has a guest sharing mode that lets you share with anyone. Great for family & friends, bodybuilders, athletes, or everyday use.

Renpho Wi-Fi Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale,

RENPHO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale, image
  • Work with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: The RENPHO body fat scale can automatically transfer your body composition data via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or Bluetooth version 4.0. With Wi-Fi mode on, you no longer need to open the App every time before weighing, free your hands from the phone as long as there is a stable Wi-Fi signal!
  • Premium Accuracy: ITO coating technology has excellent durability with high visibility such as smartphone touch screens. Its sensors ensure more precise measurements compared to other sensor types.
  • Holistic Health: After using the body fat weight scale, you’ll instantly learn 13 insightful measurements of your body’s health, such as Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and more. When you store to the Renpho app, which records and tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly progress in charts and graphs.
  • Smart Scale Sync With App. Download the user-friendly RENPHO App through the App Store or Google Play. Sync with fitness apps like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit app and get your measurement metrics data on Apple Watch, iPhone and Android phones, and iPad shortly.
  • One Scale for the Whole Family: Automatically recognizing unlimited users in Wi-Fi mode, smart enough to know who steps on, each user will receive the data on their own devices conveniently.The large LED display is easy to read for all ages. Baby Mode recording changes and tracks the weight of babies and pets.

Vont Smart Scale, Wireless Body Fat

Vont Smart Scale, Wireless Body Fat image
  • COMPLETE BODY MEASUREMENTS – Vont Smart Body Scale features a full body composition analysis with BMI, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age, and more – a total of 13 vital measurements on the app.
  • FAST AND EASY SETUP – It’s smooth and syncs instantly with the VONT HOME APP. You can see your results on the app seconds after stepping on the scale.
  • ACCURATE & RELIABLE DATA – With 4 highly-sensitive electrodes to calculate 13 body composition metrics, you’ll get precise body measurements. Plus, the auto-calibration feature measures from increments of 0.4 pounds up to 400 pounds.
  • REMEMBERS UNLIMITED USERS – You only need one Vont Smart Body Scale to track everyone’s health progress at home, in the office, or the gym. The multi-user feature recognizes up to 8 registered users – plus unlimited guests.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER CARE & LIFETIME WARRANTY – Covered for life, it’s warranted against loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship as long as you own the product. Vont Customer Satisfaction Wizards are with you 24/7 – for life.

Konquest Premium Smart Digital Bathroom Scale,

Konquest Premium Smart Digital Bathroom Scale, image
  • MEET YOUR FITNESS GOALS FASTER: Monitor your body composition values like body fat %, visceral fat, body water, muscle mass percentage, bone, body mass index BMI, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and even metabolic age. This information will allow you to accurately track your progress and reach your fitness goals faster.
  • SMARTER FEATURES FOR YOU: Body composition analysis should be hassle free, so your scale has Auto-On & Auto-Off sensing technology to save battery life. Additionally, we have Developed Advanced User profiles to provide you more accurate composition readings based on activity level.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE AND FULLY AUTOMATIC – 4 high precision sensors and 4 sensitive electrodes work hard together to ensure this smart scale accurate and consistent body composition analysis. Just step on the weight scales bathroom to get timely readings – no more tapping to activate scales digital weight! Auto-connection, auto-recognition, auto ON/OFF, auto-zero, auto-calibration, low battery and overload indication. Just a simple, clear step towards a healthier lifestyle
  • 1 SMART SCALE with UNLIMITED USERS – You can weigh yourself anytime on this digital scale WITHOUT your phone. The data will sync to the app once it connects to the scale again! This multi-user friendly scales digital weight and body fat can also intelligently identify every user and match scales digital weight and body fat data to the corresponding user profile, which allows whole family members to share 1 smart scale for seamlessly tracking weight loss and health improvement progress
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Smart Scale, AAA batteries x3, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, and a 12-month warranty

Etekcity Smart Rechargeable Body Fat Scale,

Etekcity Smart Rechargeable Body Fat Scale, image
  • First-Rate Quality: Don’t settle for less. As the no.1 selling brand of body weight scales in the US, Etekcity is known for innovative and high-performing products. (Source: Stackline/Retail Intelligence, U.S. Amazon Data Market Share, February 2019-2021)
  • No Batteries Needed: Tired of always needing new batteries. This scale uses a micro-USB charger, making it a reliable tool to accompany your health journey. It fully charges the scale in 3 hours and lasts for 6–8 months on a single charge
  • Track Your Health Progress: Connect to the free VeSync app and stay up-to-date on the 13 essential body measurements including Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Water, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Protein, Muscle Mass, and more
  • Sync With Fitness Apps: Struggling to keep your health information in one place. This scale can be easily synced via Bluetooth with other fitness apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and MyFitnessPal, allowing you to keep your data in one place
  • Trusted & Reliable: Globally, more than 5 million customers use Etekcity body weight scales. With 4 precise sensors measuring down to 0.1 lb / 0.05 kg increments, our scales provide accurate data, making it a reliable tool for your health journey

Bluetooth Scale For Body Weight, Living

Bluetooth Scale for Body Weight, Living image
  • HIGH ACCURACY MEASUREMENT – Living Enrichment scale for body weight has 4 built-in high precision sensors, measuring max weight up to 440lbs/200kg in 0.2lbs/0.1kg increments. The scale also supports Pregnancy Mode and Baby Mode.
  • 14 ESSENTIAL BODY COMPOSITION DATA POINTS – This smart body fat scale can monitor 14 essential body composition data such as weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, etc., via a smartphone app.
  • UNLIMITED USER APP – The smart weight scale can sync data with the smartphone app and allows you to create unlimited user accounts for data synchronization. Only one scale is needed for the entire family.
  • SYNC DATA WITH FITNESS APP – Download “MovingLife” from the App Store or Google Play, set up your account, and take measurements on the Bluetooth body fat scale. The app supports data transfer to popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, and more.
  • EXTRA SAFE DESIGN – The Bluetooth scale for body weight has 6mm super strong tempered glass, comfortable large size 10.2×10.2 inches platform, rounded corner safety design and 4 non-slip pads, ensuring reliable and safe measurement.

Roffie Body Fat Scale, Digital Smart

Roffie Body Fat Scale, Digital Smart image
  • 【Sync with App】Support syncing with Google Fit, Apple Health. Download the “Scale Up” App, Bluetooth to automatically send data directly to your phone and can be viewed on your smartphone at any time. A clear changing curve helps you keep up with your improvement easily.
  • 【23 Essential Body Measurements】 Getting 23 essential health indicators from your body: weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, protein mass, etc. Record your efforts with the line chart on the App weekly, monthly even yearly to track your body. Being your huge incentive for people who build muscles and weight loss!
  • 【High-Quality Innovation】 Built with four high-precision sensors and a bright LED display. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb/0.05 kg with 400 lbs/180 kg capacity. Only 2 cm thick makes it easily store in various furniture voids or lean against the wall.
  • 【One scale, Unlimited User】One Roffie body fat scale can be used for multiple users. It recognizes instantly when a user steps onto it. Add your family members’ profile and get the data displayed on the app at a glance.
  • 【Warm Note】 For best accuracy, please place the bathroom scale on a hard and flat surface.With a two-year warranty and one-month free return. If you have any machine problems, please feel free to contact us.

The Bathroom Scale Wireless Buyer’s Handbook

Are you looking to buy a new bathroom scale wireless? Whether you’re in the market for bathroom scale wireless, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best product for your needs. Here is a guide to help you understand what to consider when making your purchase:

Why You Should Choose This Bathroom Scale Wireless

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bathroom scale wireless is whether or not it fits your needs. Make sure the bathroom scale wireless you’re considering has the features that you need and that it’s a good value.

What to Look For Before Buying

Before buying a bathroom scale wireless, it’s important to do your research. Read reviews and compare different models to make sure you’re getting the best product for your money. Also, make sure you understand the warranty and return policies of the product you’re considering.

Price of Bathroom Scale Wireless

When considering price, it’s important to look at total cost and not just the initial price. Consider any additional fees, taxes, or shipping costs that might be associated with the product. Also, make sure you understand the return policies of the product you’re considering and any additional costs associated with returning it.

Quality of Bathroom Scale Wireless

Quality is an important factor when considering a product. Make sure you understand the material used in the product and any warranties or guarantees that come with it. If the product is made up of multiple parts, consider how well those parts will stand up to use and how easy it is to repair or replace them if necessary.

Customer Service

Customer service is also an important factor when considering a product. Make sure you understand the company’s policies regarding returns, exchanges, and repairs. If you’re buying online, make sure the company has an easy-to-use website and a customer service department that can help you with any questions or issues.

These are just a few of the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a bathroom scale wireless. By taking the time to do your research and make sure you’re getting your desired bathroom scale wireless for your needs, you can make sure you’re making a wise purchase.

The Summary

In conclusion, choosing the right bathroom scale wireless is about more than just price and features. By considering factors such as quality, functionality, and alignment with your values, you can make a decision that not only enhances your life but also aligns with your goals and purpose. This product offers all of these benefits and more, making it a smart choice for anyone looking for a product that delivers on all fronts.